Online Portfolio and Presentation

 Week 10 Media 195 Portfolio Presentation

Online Portfolio and Presentation

Final Presentation

Share your hopes for this project to move forward and how you might want to continue to contribute. Write about this as well on your blog post.

As I complete my assignments for step nine of The Hero’s Journey Project, I’m also completing my college journey. I thought I’d never have the opportunity to earn a college degree, so I’m very thankful for this experience.

My hopes for the future of The Hero’s Journey Project would be that it becomes a more predominant feature of the college so that more students become aware of it and have the opportunity to take advantage of the resources being shared.

I believe The Hero’s Journey Project is a phenomenal platform for mentors such as alumni, counselors, volunteers and tutors to connect with students virtually and provide encouragement and inspiration.

I enjoyed my small part in The Hero’s Journey Project and feel The Hero’s Journey Project holds a great future.

I’m looking forward to new opportunities and the path ahead and wishing everyone smooth trails and a wonderful Journey.

My Portfolio Video

Blog and E-Portfolio

Several elements you created for class will be contained in both your WordPress Blog and Gallery of content.

Your WordPress Blog will contain posts about:

Playing a Game

Your Timeline Project

Occupational Flowchart

Generation Venn Diagram

Tag Cloud – Wordle

Infographics Resume

Your Visual Vocabulary Words
(Each week’s Visual Vocabulary Challenge is also linked to the gallery from its own post)


Your Project Management Blog will contain at least 5 entries about The Hero’s Journey Project:

The Hero’s Journey Project Page

The Hero’s Journey Project Posts

10-Step Development Checklist (1-4) (wk6)

Midterm Report with start of your step

Stakeholders/classmates and Brainstorming input and second draft of your step

Final Version of your step

Presentation of The Hero’s Journey Post


Your Gallery will contain:

(This is my Media 195 Gallery)
Media 195 Infographic & Data Visualization

X Your Timeline Project
X Occupational Flowchart
X Generation Venn Diagram
X Tag Cloud – Wordle
X Infographics Resume
X New Student Orientation – The Hero’s Journey Project


Visual Vocabulary – 9 Weeks of Icons / Images.

Visual Vocabulary Gallery (Located in side menu)

The Elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth

Navigate: Open, Close, Forward, and Return / Back

Curation: Save, Share, Select, and Remove

Motivate: Money, Purpose, Mastery, and Autonomy

Progress: Mistake, Change, Decline, and Improve

Status: More, Less, Lose, and Win

Accomplish: Goal, Start, Achieve, and Reward

Place: Home, Position, School, and Makerspace

Learn: Plan / Dream, Study, Apply / Test, and Reflect


Students who are taking all the Digital Storytelling classes will make a Page for their Visual Vocabulary assignments.

I’m not taking all the Digital Storytelling classes but did create a Visual Vocabulary Gallery
 Visual Vocabulary Gallery


YouTube Channel

Create a slideshow video that contains the best work you did in class that you want to show off. Upload it to YouTube. If you can’t do that, then make a PowerPoint slideshow and upload it to your WordPress site. Be sure to include your copyright info on all the slides!

My Youtube Channel

My Portfolio Video Slideshow

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