The Hero’s Journey Final Project

Wk 10 Media 195 The Hero’s Journey Project


Used the Style Guide for The Hero’s Journey for your infographic and chose the best form to deliver data visually.

For my Hero’s Journey Step Nine infographic I used the provided Header and Footer Graphic and used the provided color scheme to create a coherent look that coordinates with the overall project. I included the Keys to Success in my infographic and tried to convey the feeling that the Keys to Success opened the pirate’s treasure chest which holds the reward.

Keeping with the Hero’s Journey Project theme I situated my infographic in a forest with gold and gold nuggets on the ground around the pirate chest/reward. I placed a graduation cap and diploma inside the pirate chest to depict that graduating was the reward. Two piles of gold in my infographic visualize the difference in yearly income between a high school graduate and an associate degree graduate.

A pirate hat hanging on the lid of the treasure chest is significant as it emphasizes the fact the hero has completed their journey as a (Peninsula College Pirate) student and it’s now time for the hero to start their journey back to the ordinary world.

I included a road leading from the forest to the top of a hill and a bright light in the distance to show the hero’s journey is not yet complete and there is more to look forward to ahead. There is still adventure ahead for the hero who must find the path back to the ordinary world and share their new-found knowledge with others.

Researched data… how will this content relate to the virtual content?

I included info on the difference in income between a high school graduate and someone who attains an associate degree. I also located a link on the college website that can assist students in locating work. The income information may encourage students to choose the college path and graduation. The college website link can help students locate work and begin their journey back to the ordinary world and a career.

Applied storytelling techniques to your step and connected with other steps.

I conveyed The Hero’s Journey Project story with my infographic by depicting that arriving at step nine the hero had found their reward. I tried to convey that the hero must now change their focus from student to returning to the ordinary world by hanging the pirate hat (representing the Peninsula Pirates) on the treasure chest. The road back to the ordinary world continues the story to the next step by letting the hero know that their journey is not over and there is still more adventure on the road ahead.

Produced an Online Project Management Blog

My “Hero’s Journey Project” Page is listed in the sidebar menu of my blog for easy reference and includes all updates to my Hero’s Journey Project assignments.

Communicated with classmates and stakeholders through discussions online and on campus.

As an online student, I communicated with classmates through online class discussions and with my stakeholder through email. Although I did not receive a response from my stakeholder, I was able to locate relevant information which I included in my infographic.


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