Social Media Evaluation

Wk10 Essay Media195

How have you been using social media to share your progress or story throughout this class?
To share my story through social media, each time I post to my blog I pin the post in Pinterest as well as tweeting the post in Twitter. I also placed Pinterest and Twitter widgets in my blog sidebar to make it easy for my readers to find these social media accounts. I linked my blog to YouTube and posted YouTube videos for my blog in the sidebar to create additional interest. I have a LinkedIn account for my blog which contains articles, videos and other information. I’ve also tried to incorporate proper SEO and related tags in my blog posts to make my posts SEO friendly for both and online search engines.

What media has been the most successful for engagement?
It’s difficult to determine which social media has provided the most engagement for my blog as free blogs do not provide comprehensive analytic data.

My blog posts tend to receive from ten to twenty-five likes each from the general public as well as an occasional comment. I consider readers liking a post as engagement as it takes an effort on the part of the reader to locate the like button and to leave their like.

Have you posted your projects on Pinterest and used a Pinterest widget on your blog? Is your WordPress Blog connected to your social media networks?
My WordPress blog is connected to my social media network and I’ve provided links to my social media accounts at the top of my blog sidebar for easy access for my readers. I’ve also added social media buttons at the bottom of each post to make it easy for readers to share my story.

I placed Pinterest and Twitter widgets in the sidebar of my blog and I’ve posted each of my assignments and projects to my Pinterest and Twitter accounts.

I attempted to perform a test to discover whether posting to Pinterest and Twitter affected the amount of likes my posts received, by not posting a couple of my posts to social media. I ended up eventually posting the test posts to Pinterest and Twitter anyway as I did not like having some of my posts un-pinned and un-tweeted. I did not notice a significant difference in my likes during the period I tested, but that may have been due to other reasons such as content and tags.

I feel that social media links to my posts are important. They not only bring viewers directly from the social media outlet, they also provide SEO signals via the inbound/outbound links on my blog. I also believe that using the proper SEO and tags in my posts was very beneficial to finding an audience thru the searches.

From my Twitter and Pinterest social media links I was able to connect with a mentor as well as receive notifications of my pins being re-pinned by others verifying interest in my content. Due to these outcomes I feel the social media links on my blog were very successful.

Something else I tried was placing widgets in my sidebar that show the blogs I follow and the posts I like. I tried to mostly follow classmates blogs and like calssmate posts to support other students in my class.

I believe my blog itself was in fact the best social link for me. It seems that simply using proper SEO and tags on my blog itself made my blog searchable in the search engine and brought readers to my blog. Due to this experience, I’m considering using blogs as a form of social outreach for my hosted websites in addition to other social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

How do you increase your Klout with LinkedIn?
To increase LinkedIn Klout it’s important to have your LinkedIn profile fully filled out and to include all of your pertinent, up to date information. Filling out all of the LinkedIn profile sections is important.

In addition, being an active member of linked in by contributing articles that you’ve written, and other content will help you gain LinkedIn Klout. Be sure that any content you share is meaningful and engaging for your audience.

Having LinkedIn connections is an important factor to improving your linked in Klout, but it’s important that your connections and network share your interests and goals and are engaged with you.

Which of your infographics do you want to put in our virtual gallery?
I think my week 8 Visual vocabulary icon set (Accomplish: Goal, Start, Achieve, Reward) would be a good addition to the virtual gallery because I feel it depicts the journey of a college student. If I could choose only one of the set for the virtual gallery It would be the Reward graphic as I believe it conveys a message of encouragement and inspiration for other students to complete their college journey.



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