Social Media Campaign

Wk 10 Media 215 Essay   Share a story related to using social media to market one of your Storyteller Projects.

Social media campaigns involve more than simply posting to a social media account. They begin with a goal followed by a comprehensive plan to achieve the desired goal through social media as well as other platforms. This often involves much more than posting to social media accounts and can even incorporate transmedia campaigns which bring the story into the real world of the audience.

A social media campaign might include images, infographics, related links, real-life merchandise, downloads, and various other forms of media and transmedia storytelling, all interlaced and leading the audience to a desired outcome or goal.

Because my projects for school are a new learning experience for me and are not, per se goal oriented other than being school projects for me to learn the video process, I did not make concerted, real-world efforts to market my (very beginner) attempts at videography.

I believe the most comprehensive marketing I attempted for this class would be my ideas surrounding my Gnome gets a job video. For that video, I devised a marketing concept where the goal of the video project could be to provide encouragement and insight for job hunters.

The marketing ideas I incorporated for my gnome video includes the following. I created a guest post on my blog written by Mr. Gnome. I also created a video teaser (wk 8 Scavenger Hunt) of Mr. Gnome applying online for a job as a sandwich artist. My videos were posted on Youtube. I also posted my video and related (scavenger hunt) teaser post to my Pinterest and Twitter social media accounts and I wrote blog posts related to the video.

If I were promoting a concept like this in the real world, I might incorporate marketing that included real-world links to downloads with helpful info for job hunters, a forum or blog run by Mr. Gnome where the audience can share their job-hunting experience and tips and interact with Mr. Gnome, Real World merchandise and helpful links for job hunters.

Screenshot of Mr. Gnomes Guest Post

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