Transmedia Campaign and Wk 8 Scavenger Hunt

Wk 8 Media 215 Transmedia Campaign and Scavenger Hunt

Devise and implement a transmedia campaign for your Storytelling Project (Gnome Gets A Job). Document it with a blog post and social media posts.

Transmedia Campaign Elements

Transmedia storytelling disperses integral elements of a story across multiple platforms and creates an experience for the audience that appears to cross into the real world and which can even include audience members as participants in the story.

Transmedia Storytelling normally includes the following vital elements:

Transmedia Storytelling should be able to be spread across various social media as well as real-world platforms to reach the audience members.

Transmedia Storytelling must also have the ability to immerse users in the created world of the story and possibly even bring elements of the created story world into the real world and the audience members lives.

Possibly the most critical element of a transmedia story centers around world building. The transmedia storyline must be clearly defined from the brands perspective and create a compelling and inviting story world experience for the audience members to take part in.

The transmedia story world can contain both fictional as well as real-world features that create a fictional story that crosses into the real world… a sort of real-world fiction that often blurs the line between fiction and reality.

When creating a transmedia story, it’s important to remember the plot narrative will be subjective to many points of view, each with their own real-world experience and opinions. Even within a target market the makeup and experience of an audience can be diverse, so this point should be taken into consideration when creating any transmedia story.

There are many things to consider when designing a transmedia campaign. Some additional important considerations include; What is the goal of the transmedia campaign? What kind of experience do you want to create for the audience? Who are the main characters in the story? How will you bring the story into the real world? what platforms will you use? How will you engage the audience? Who or what is the protagonist in your story and how will you use this element to engage the audience? Safety should always be first and foremost when creating Transmedia Stories.

My Transmedia Campaign Idea

Ideas I might implement as part of a Transmedia Campaign for my Gnome Gets a Job video could include creating social media accounts and posts that appear to belong to the gnome in my story. Gnome could post about where he looked for work and where he plans to look next. As this assignment is ending this week, I will not create actual social media accounts for the gnome, but I will create an example blog post guest written by the gnome and posted on my school project website.

If Gnome gets a Job was an ongoing project, I might also create a downloadable resume for my gnome that viewers could print out and critique or even change for their own use. I could have an email address where the audience could write to the gnome. I could have downloadable gnome info like gnome cookbook with work lunch recipes or other info that could be useful in the real world. I might have the gnome ask viewers to suggest places that are hiring or for suggestions on ways to find work.

I could also see the gnome gets a job idea turn into multiple real-world learning experiences as the gnome could investigate various types of work, employment, or entrepreneurial opportunities by visiting these workplaces and sharing information or instructional learning classes related to different professions. Gnome could reach out to viewers and ask them to send mini videos describing their work, what skills and training it requires and what they like most about their profession.

Guest Post By Mr. Gnome

Wk 8 Scavenger Hunt/Gnome Gets a Job Transmedia Campaign Preview

Hey there!

Mr. Gnome here. I’m excited for the opportunity to guest post here for the TransmediaPedia community!

As most of you know I’m a huge supporter of the community. You may have seen me working at my current profession adding a touch of magic to various gardens and porches around your town and community.

Up to now, my work has mostly been philanthropic or humanitarian but as you know times are changing and I decided it might be a good idea for me to diversify into other lines of work. You know what they say about keeping all your mushrooms in one basket.

Anyway, I decided to share my personal job search adventure video here on TransmediaPedia as an inspiration to others who are also looking for work.

This video is just a quick behind the scenes peek into my search for work. Watch for the release of my Gnome Gets a Job video Coming Soon to TransmediaPedia… Happy job hunting! Mr. Gnome

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