Infographic Resume

wk 8 Media 195 Infographic Resume Quest

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever. Skills and talent are important factors in getting the job, but even if you have great qualifications, how do you get noticed over the sea of other applicants hoping to land the same position?

One innovative way to get the attention of your next employer may be with the use of an infographic resume. While infographic resumes may not be the right choice for every career query, there’s a good chance that an infographic resume might be just the ticket you need to get noticed for that new job you’re hoping to win.

A quick search for infographic resume creator should bring up quite a few online apps that will get you started creating an awesome infographic resume, or you can even create your own infographic resume using Photoshop or Illustrator.

I opted to create my own infographic resume rather than using an online app. I found that creating my own infographic gave me more control over the look of my resume as well as what content I included, although I did appreciate being able to view the infographic resume app examples online for inspiration.

Because I will very likely be applying for positions that focus on various talents and skill sets such as web design or graphic design, I plan to create a couple different infographic resumes so I will have one that is best suited for each possibility.

I left my personal information and experience out of the sample resume posted here. I created this sample resume to provide an idea of how an infographic resume might look. If you research infographic resume online, you will see the selection and style of infographic resumes are as varied as the applicants who create them.

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