Keys to Success

Wk 7 Media 195 Quest “The Hero’s Journey Keys for Success”

Keys for Success… What do the keys unlock? What is inside the treasure chest?

Keys for success unlock treasure chests along the path of Hero’s Journey. Inside each treasure chest opened by the keys is the inner potential that can be found within each person taking the Hero’s Journey. The quality that each key represents is a vital component that assists the hero as he completes his journey and finally realizes success.

In the Hero’s Journey step nine example infographic (shown in the Media 195 lesson plan) the keys shown are resilience, responsibility, and adaptability. I believe these are excellent keys for success at step nine, which is the “reward” step of the Hero’s Journey.

Being able to adapt is important for making your way through any imaginable situation that may occur in life, even after you have achieved your reward. The ability to adapt can make life easier in all circumstances. I think a chameleon would be an appropriate symbol inside the treasure chest that opens with the adaptability key.

Being responsible is also important at the reward step of the Hero’s Journey. Once you have achieved your reward having the responsibility to make the most of your reward is crucial. Without responsibility, nothing would come of the reward that has been achieved. Inside the treasure chest that opens with the responsibility key I think a briefcase or other work icon might represent a responsibility for work, but also a family icon could represent important responsibility as well.

Resilience is an indispensable quality. After step nine where the Hero receives their reward, there will still be times ahead that are extremely difficult and challenging. It is vital to have the resilience to overcome difficult times and continue the Hero’s Journey. I think the treasure chest opened with the key to resilience might be filled with English Ivy (Hedera) as it is a tough plant to kill and often continues to grow even when gardeners attempt to remove it. It can also be trained into many whimsical shapes in topiaries.


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