To Boldly Go Where No Culture Has Gone Before

Wk 7 Media 215 Essay – Original Image Courtesy Pixabay Creative Commons

It may seem “out there” to think a fictional series could have a major cultural impact on our society but with a closer look, it’s clear that Star Trek may have helped to hyper warp our culture from its baby space age mindset into our modern age of science.

How so? You might ask. Well for starters Star Trek is more than slightly responsible for awakening an interest in space and science in our modern culture.

Star Treks fictional space exploration sparked the imagination and interest of its audience to the possibilities that lay beyond our local planet and inspired the minds of its viewers to possibilities of new worlds, new universes, and previously unimagined probabilities.

Scotty’s warp drive on Star Trek may not be as complicated as the difficulties encountered by scientists responsible for creating a similarly impressive ion propulsion that is, in fact, real and currently being used by NASA. Word has it that this ion form of propulsion was actually inspired by a Star Trek episode titled “Spocks Brain”. Who knew?

How about Star Treks amazing medical technology? Is it just a coincidence that NASA is working on technology that will have the ability to regenerate bone and muscle tissue?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the similarities between the communication devices the crew members used in Star Trek to our current cell phones? A mere coincidence perhaps?

Could it be possible that Star Treks interactive computer system helped to shift cultural thinking and introduced a new age of future programmers within our society?

No one can deny the progressivism that Star Trek introduced to our society dealing with topics ranging from feminism, racism, sexism, etc. Star Treks mindset beamed us up to a new generation of thinking. As a fictional series, Star Trek helped to break barriers faster than the speed of light and Boldly Went Where No Fictional Series Had Gone Before.


Roberts, Will “Amazing Ways That Star Trek Changed The World” Entertainment Cheat Sheet,, June 12, 2018,

Original Image: Creative Commons

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