Transmedia Content Curation Strategy

Wk 6 Media 215 Essay

A thoughtful transmedia content strategy can create a stronger connection with an audience. Establishing and adhering to a regular content strategy not only helps to produce consistent results but also provides a way to calculate the value of strategic modifications to your current content plan.

My content plan currently includes blogging, tweeting, and pinning each of my essays and other projects. I plan to also include Instagram posts in my content curation strategy.

Compelling content can include many forms of information beyond traditional blog posts such as unscripted behind the scenes info, photos, infographics or even pertinent links to other websites and information.

Compelling content ideas for my media 215 project proposals might include creating a post of my storyboards for each video project proposal providing the viewer an intimate look at the idea behind each project.

Posting infographics related to statistics surrounding each project could provide the audience with real-world verification of information the project relates to and substantiate the authenticity of the purpose of the project.

Posting video outtakes could be an interesting way to provide the audience with an inside view of the creation of each media project as well as revealing compelling behind the scenes action involved in the production of each video.

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