The Hero’s Journey Digital Storytelling Project

Wk 6 Media 195 Essay  The Hero’s Journey Project

What if there were a virtual world where you could find encouragement, answers, and guidance for your college journey? Take a virtual stroll through Peninsula College Hero’s Journey Project…

The premise of The Hero’s Journey Project is to encourage individuals to unlock their potential through college education, opportunity, and achievement. The Hero’s Journey takes participants on a quest for enlightenment and engages them in a parallel 3D virtual world that reflects the real-world college journey through an interactive Second Life adventure.

What could be better than that? How about a virtual world theme centered around a forest and pirates as a nod to Peninsula Colleges location and the PC Pirates.

The Hero’s Journey Project not only entertains, but it also teaches, informs and encourages participants to choose the college journey, to overcome obstacles, and to achieve their highest potential.  As if these virtues weren’t enough, The Hero’s Journey also provides an outlet for college multimedia students to showcase their skills and talents.

The Hero’s journey audience spans the gamut of college attendees and their situations. This virtual adventure acknowledges not only the diverse ages of modern-day college students but also the many life stages and situations that compel students to attend college. Combine these facts with the student’s ability to design their own Second Life avatar and control their own outcomes on their virtual journey and you have a magical experience where students learn, grow, and find encouragement in a compelling, interactive transmedia environment.

The Hero’s Journey is an evergreen, virtual project continually enriched by the contributions of students who journey through the program and eventually become mentors encouraging new students who are entering college and the multimedia program.

Once the student finds their way to the journeys end they’re greeted with enlightenment and reward. Just as in the real world it’s time for the student to return to the ordinary world, find their place and begin a new adventure using their newfound skills to help others.

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