Once Upon A Fable

Wk3 Media215 Essay

Explain why fairy tales, fables, and myths are used to teach moral conduct. Share what fictional story had an influence on your life, what character in it you related to, and what forms of media you participated with.

Once upon a time in a land far away… and still today in modern times fairy tales and stories, myths and fables have been used to teach and convey ideas, lessons and even morals. But why are these methods so widely and regularly used? What is it about the humble fable that makes it such a powerful tool for sharing ideas, conveying messages, and even instilling morals?

Fairy tales and fables stimulate the imagination of the listener. They take the listener out of their current state and place them in new and exciting surroundings. Storytelling awakens the senses of the audience making them eager to explore new territory. stories open the listeners mind to new ideas.

Fairy tales engage the audience in a way that basic information sharing is unable to do. It places the audience inside new worlds creating a surrogate personal experience for the listener and making it possible for the listener to better understand and experience empathy for the topic being conveyed.

Storytelling provides a personal experience that an audience feels connected with. I’m sure the stories I’ve been privy to have opened my mind to new possibilities. Because I have an interest in writing I tend to observe fiction from an outside angle. I like to examine the story line and figure out how it engages it’s audience and what makes certain stories more engaging than others.

I view my personal experience with storytelling as an imaginary mini vacation. A way to get away and experience the universe in fascinating ways that I would never have known otherwise. While I love to read fiction, I possess a persistent urge that I haven’t yet encountered my favorite adventure or met my favorite character, and so I enjoy writing and weaving magical adventures for hero’s and villains of my own fairy tales and fiction… happily ever after.

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