Week 10 Media 195 Visual Vocabulary


Wk 10 Media 195 Visual vocabulary
This week there were two Visual Vocabulary Challenges for Media 195

One titled Learn: Dream, Study, Test, Reflect
and a second challenge titled Knowledge: Teach, Experience, Inspire, Data

Take a look at my Wk 10 Visual Vocabulary Assignment in the Gallery

The Hero’s Journey Final Project

Wk 10 Media 195 The Hero’s Journey Project


Used the Style Guide for The Hero’s Journey for your infographic and chose the best form to deliver data visually.

For my Hero’s Journey Step Nine infographic I used the provided Header and Footer Graphic and used the provided color scheme to create a coherent look that coordinates with the overall project. I included the Keys to Success in my infographic and tried to convey the feeling that the Keys to Success opened the pirate’s treasure chest which holds the reward. Continue reading The Hero’s Journey Final Project

Social Media Campaign

Wk 10 Media 215 Essay   Share a story related to using social media to market one of your Storyteller Projects.

Social media campaigns involve more than simply posting to a social media account. They begin with a goal followed by a comprehensive plan to achieve the desired goal through social media as well as other platforms. This often involves much more than posting to social media accounts and can even incorporate transmedia campaigns which bring the story into the real world of the audience. Continue reading Social Media Campaign

Social Media Evaluation

Wk10 Essay Media195

How have you been using social media to share your progress or story throughout this class?
To share my story through social media, each time I post to my blog I pin the post in Pinterest as well as tweeting the post in Twitter. I also placed Pinterest and Twitter widgets in my blog sidebar to make it easy for my readers to find these social media accounts. Continue reading Social Media Evaluation

Week 9 Media 195 Visual Vocabulary


Wk 9 Media 195 Visual vocabulary
This week’s Visual Vocabulary Challenge for Media 195 is titled Place:
Home, Position, School, Makerspace

Take a look at my Wk 8 Visual Vocabulary Assignment in the Gallery

The Hero’s Journey Project Management Post

Wk 9 Media 195  The Hero’s Journey Project

I created a Hero’s Journey Project Management “PAGE” located in the SIDEBAR MENU (titled The Hero’s Journey Project) which includes the same information as this Project Management “POST”. The Hero’s Journey Project Management PAGE located in the SIDEBAR MENU will provide easy access for later review of information related to this project and will be updated as needed.

For future updates be sure to check “The Hero’s Journey Project” in the SIDEBAR MENU. If you’d like to take a look at my Hero’s Journey project progress this far continue reading this post… Continue reading The Hero’s Journey Project Management Post

Word Cloud

Wk 9 Essay Media 195 Create Word Cloud

This weeks essay assignment for media 195 was to create a word cloud. I tried several different word cloud apps and I really liked how this one turned out because of the words it used.

Transmedia Campaign and Wk 8 Scavenger Hunt

Wk 8 Media 215 Transmedia Campaign and Scavenger Hunt

Devise and implement a transmedia campaign for your Storytelling Project (Gnome Gets A Job). Document it with a blog post and social media posts. Continue reading Transmedia Campaign and Wk 8 Scavenger Hunt

How Movies Transformed My Life

Wk 8 Essay Media 215: What three movies or shows transformed your life?

While I’m certain that movies and shows have transformed my life in some ways, it’s difficult for me to choose three movies that have made a notable impact. This is likely because I didn’t watch very many movies as an impressionable child or young adult and by the time I began watching movies as an older adult I had developed more of an observational attitude towards them rather than becoming enthralled in the entertainment and the message. Continue reading How Movies Transformed My Life

Week 8 Media 195 Visual Vocabulary

Wk 8 Media 195 Visual vocabulary
This week’s Visual Vocabulary Challenge for Media 195 is titled Accomplish:
Goal, Start, Achieve, Reward

Take a look at my Wk 8 Visual Vocabulary Assignment in the Gallery

A Transmedia Portfolio

Wk8 Essay Media 195

One of the most creative and compelling methods of delivering content to an audience is through infographics. Visual information is a fast and efficient way to convey information to an audience and helps to enhance the memory recall of the information shared. Continue reading A Transmedia Portfolio

Infographic Resume

wk 8 Media 195 Infographic Resume Quest

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever. Skills and talent are important factors in getting the job, but even if you have great qualifications, how do you get noticed over the sea of other applicants hoping to land the same position? Continue reading Infographic Resume

Keys to Success

Wk 7 Media 195 Quest “The Hero’s Journey Keys for Success”

Keys for Success… What do the keys unlock? What is inside the treasure chest?

Keys for success unlock treasure chests along the path of Hero’s Journey. Inside each treasure chest opened by the keys is the inner potential that can be found within each person taking the Hero’s Journey. The quality that each key represents is a vital component that assists the hero as he completes his journey and finally realizes success. Continue reading Keys to Success

Review of Brainstorming and Keys to Success

Wk 7 Media 195 Essay

There were lots of creative brainstorming suggestions for step nine of the Hero’s Journey for the week 6 assignment. A repeated theme of the responses posted seemed to center around a reward of a golden graduation cap and scroll. I think this idea could work perfectly with my current infographic concept. Continue reading Review of Brainstorming and Keys to Success

To Boldly Go Where No Culture Has Gone Before

Wk 7 Media 215 Essay – Original Image Courtesy Pixabay Creative Commons

It may seem “out there” to think a fictional series could have a major cultural impact on our society but with a closer look, it’s clear that Star Trek may have helped to hyper warp our culture from its baby space age mindset into our modern age of science. Continue reading To Boldly Go Where No Culture Has Gone Before

Digital Storytelling Project Midterm Report

Wk6 Mid Term Project Management Blog Post – The Hero’s Journey Step 9

Week 6 Mid Term Project Management Blog Post contains two sections.

Section one is brainstorming ideas for each stage of The Heros Journey Project.

Section Two contains my report on Step 9 of The Hero’s Journey Project and my vision for infographics pertaining to this step of The Hero’s Journey. Continue reading Digital Storytelling Project Midterm Report

Transmedia Content Curation Strategy

Wk 6 Media 215 Essay

A thoughtful transmedia content strategy can create a stronger connection with an audience. Establishing and adhering to a regular content strategy not only helps to produce consistent results but also provides a way to calculate the value of strategic modifications to your current content plan. Continue reading Transmedia Content Curation Strategy

The Hero’s Journey Digital Storytelling Project

Wk 6 Media 195 Essay  The Hero’s Journey Project

What if there were a virtual world where you could find encouragement, answers, and guidance for your college journey? Take a virtual stroll through Peninsula College Hero’s Journey Project… Continue reading The Hero’s Journey Digital Storytelling Project